“Absolutely would recommend Ayavision if you are considering doing an Ayahuasca ceremony. I did an individual retreat at Ayavision and it was a really wonderful experience. It help me quite a lot in terms of Clarity and insights I was looking to achieve and am very thankful to Phillip who was taking care of me during my retreat.

He’s a wonderful guide who manages to create a very secure , supportive and safe atmosphere with no judgment at all so you can let go and go through your own journey with exactly the right amount of guidance. Furthermore he also knows a lot about the chemistry of the plants in the Ayahuasca medicine, which is very reassuring and I think helps to create the right experience and healing for each individual.

I also did an individual frequency pattern during the retreat, which further gave me valuable insights about certain aspects of the constitution of my being. An additional beautiful aspect of the individual frequency pattern that I discovered during the retreat, it looks like an energetic expression of art and its vibration can support you in self discovery, understanding, meditation and sleep.

To the center itself , it has a very clear clean energetically open space and a wonderful freeing feeling in a surrounding that is deeply in contact with nature and free of any disturbances. Also it is actually very clean and spacious which is very important to me to feel comfortable.

So overall I took so much from this retreat that I would recommend it to anyone interested and really cannot thank Phillip enough.”