“Phillip has created a wonderful space for healing and development. I could not think of a better location for allowing yourself to reconnect with your inner dimensions that chain so many of us into experiences of the past and make us addicted to seeking redemption in a spurious future. The retreat allowed me to connect with the very core of a traumatic experience, around which I had built and created my life in an attempt to avoid re-experiencing that very bodily pain and fear of ceasing to exist (with which I was thrown into this world). Indeed, my trauma acted like a hungry ghost from the past, causing addictive patterns of seeking insatiable satisfaction. With the help and support of Phillip, I walked through the fire and experienced the most difficult 30min that I can actively remember. Indeed, the reward could not have been bigger, as a big chunk of what had tied me to the past has left my body for good. For 15 years, I had tried everything to make that happen. And it finally happened at Phillip’s retreat. I will be back for more audacious journeys into the core of my existence. Walking away from the pain never works. The only way is through it.”