“It is difficult where to start a review like this, and what to include, but here it goes. My experience was quite unique, as I wasn’t really prepared on what was to come. I was on a roadtrip with two friends who met Phil in Vienna via couchsurfing.

I assume they stayed in touch and during our roadtrip we went there. My two friends had the intention of doing the ayahuasca ceremony, whereas I wasn’t sure what to expect. I kept the decision open until I arrived, and we had a thorough talk in which Phil would describe the ceremony, show us the room and answer all of our questions in precise detail, and with lots of warmth.

This warmth is characteristic of him. As an absolute novice of ceremonies like this, I still feel that next to the plant brew itself, the surroundings and especially the shaman are of utmost importance.

My heart tells me that in order for the medicine to have its full effect you are required to have a surrounding that allows you to settle in, as well as a person that looks out for his interstellar travellers. And this is the role of the shaman. I have a good eye for humans, and from the first moment of looking into his eyes, all I saw was the truth and warmth of his heart, which remained so throughout the entire time I spent with Phil.

He sincerely wants the best for every being he meets. I am sure he has his moments of darkness to, as all humans have, but I have kept him in a special place in my heart. Not many people give you such a wholesome experience.

I decided for this review not to go into the trip itself, as I feel it is deeply subjective, and sharing my experience is something I’d rather do more selectively.

The Surroundings however are very clean, well organized and thought out. Phil knows what he does, is all I’m going to say. Very professional from what I can tell.

Greetings, Traveller.”